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Success stories

Our customers have been central to our success and to the development of our market leading products. That’s why we are extremely proud to share some of our successful relationships.

Award Winning Truxor Work – Reduced Waste and Carbon Footprint

Truxor, a leader in amphibious dredging technology, played a pivotal role in the Portland Road Environmental Improvements Project in Auckland, New Zealand. Glasgow Contractors devised an innovative method, using the Truxor, for stream dredging that drastically reduced waste and carbon footprint.

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Important Coastal Meadows for Bird Life in Nature Reserves

By restoring coastal meadows in nature reserves, better conditions are created for migratory and nesting birds. Jonas Larsson of Västkuststiftelsen has been working on these kinds of projects for over 20 years. You’ll find him on a Truxor T50 in the southern parts of Lake Vänern and the river Göta Älv.

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Fighting invasive water plants in France – with the Truxor

The versatility of the Truxor amphibious machine has been a gamechanger for Services Naturalis Environnement.

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High demand for gentle machines operating in nature

Reidar Lindahl transformed his side project to a successful business. When working with municipalities and the government there is almost always a demand for using the Truxor machine.

“It’s because it’s so gentle to the terrain.”


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Time for a new water management approach in Mexico

Ricardo Ontiveros is convinced. After being a customer using Truxor’s amphibious tool carrier he is now set to mission a new way of water management. “The regrowth in the lakes is faster than the maintenance with the current methods. With Truxor we have a possibility to change that to the better”.

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Truxor reed cleanup ahead of Canoe World Cup 

Truxor machines a vital part of preparations for the ICF Canoe Marathon World Cup in Bulgaria. The lake Nikolovo needed a cleanup from years of overgrown reed.

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Incredible expansion for Svensk Vassklippning

For Svensk Vassklippning it all started with a used Truxor. Now the successful company owns 14 amphibious tool carriers and is the largest reed cutting business in the world.

“The expansion has been incredible since the beginning.”


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Pond vegetation removal without chemicals 

According to Dustin Brown, a business owner in the pond management industry, "the Truxor T50 is the best amphibious tool carrier on the market for removing vegetation from ponds without the use of chemicals."

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Efficiency increases with Truxor in the Alte Donau 

Over nearly two decades the city of Vienna, Austria, has been working with underwater vegetation maintenance to make the popular recreational lake Alte Donau enjoyable. Since 2018 the fleet working is composed of 18 Truxor amphibious tool carriers removing over 2 000 tons of plant material every year.

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Truxor – a necessity in Bolidens mining maintenance work

Truxor's amphibious tool carrier has become a necessity in Bolidens maintenance work related to the extensive operation of three large mining areas in the Skellefteå region in the north parts of Sweden.

“The machine runs heavy, year-round,” notes Kennet Eriksson at Boliden.

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Truxor complements innovative desludging system

 The Swiss company offer unique mobile desludging systems for the restoration of waterways and for industrial sludge treatment. To optimize the system, its connected to a Truxor machine that pumps in water, sludge, sand, and coarse material.

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Efficient Reed Cutting at the Summer House – Dorocutter for the Motorboat

The beautiful sea bay at Kilnäset, just outside Kalix in Sweden, was at risk of overgrowth – reed had taken over and worsened the daily life for summer house owners. The solution was a Dorocutter 3070, and now only a few straws remain.

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Truxor Enhances Emergency Management Efforts

In the face of natural disasters like floods and inundations, swift and effective response is crucial to minimizing damage and ensuring the safety of communities.

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Revolutionizing Lake Restoration in India

In the realm of lake restoration, combatting aquatic weed infestations is a critical step towards revitalizing water bodies. An exemplary case of successful restoration can be observed at Ansupa Lake in Odisha, India.

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Sought a solution to the weed overgrowth in lakes

The company, aiming to restore water ecosystems, utilizes the Truxor Amphibious Machine to manage this issue effectively. Fascinated by the Truxor's technology and mechanics, Closson sees its potential in addressing the widespread need for weed removal. Water Wizard Aquatic Solutions commenced operations in the Midwest in spring 2024, with plans to expand to Texas.

Closson anticipates further growth, focusing on precision dredging in the Midwest and broader applications in Missouri and Central Texas, including private lakes, municipal projects, and housing developments.

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