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Fighting invasive water plants in France – with the Truxor

The versatility of the Truxor amphibious machine has been a gamechanger for Services Naturalis Environnement.


Services Naturalis Environnement, a French company based in Bretagne, is committed to maintaining water bodies across various regions in France and neighboring countries. Their primary objective is to enhance their operational capacity to cater to the diverse needs of their clientele. In line with this vision, they have embraced the Truxor T50 as an integral part of their operations for a year now, and the results have been nothing short of exceptional.


When discussing the merits of the Truxor machine, Services Naturalis Environnement emphasizes its impressive versatility, extensive array of accessories, and exceptional maneuverability. These features have been pivotal in elevating their efficiency and effectiveness in the maintenance of water bodies.




“The best thing about the Truxor is clearly its versatility, the large number of accessories and the maneuverability,” stated Jérémy Touraine from Services Naturalis Environnement.


The ability of the Truxor to seamlessly adapt to various tasks, thanks to its diverse range of attachments, has proven invaluable to their operations. Whether it's clearing aquatic vegetation, silt pumping, or shoreline maintenance.


Services Naturalis Environnement mostly deals with water lilies, primerose-willows, water milfoils, typhas, phragmythes, and egeria densa. When fighting water vegetation there are different methods for different invasive plants – from cutting and collecting to pulling the plants up by the roots. When using the Truxor it’s easy to shift tools – from the 4-meter wide Dorocutter mowing bar to the reed rake.


Using the Truxor machine has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in helping Services Naturalis Environnement achieve their goals and aspirations in water body maintenance. Its versatility, ease of use, and ability to cater to a broad spectrum of tasks have empowered this small Breton company to scale their operations, meeting the diverse requirements of their clientele. As they continue their journey, the Truxor T50 remains an indispensable asset in their quest for excellence in environmental maintenance.


“Our aim is to grow to meet the needs of our customers. We've been working with the Truxor for a year now, and appreciate its versatility,” emphasized Jérémy Touraine.


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