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Efficient Water Management Globally with Truxor  

Truxor Wetland Equipment enables efficient water management globally. The amphibious machines take on tough jobs while being gentle to the surroundings. Perfect for sensitive nature reserves, maintenance in un urban canals and rivers, and for industrial use.

Truxor – the Original

Everything started with a reed cutter in Sweden 30 years ago. Today Truxors amphibius machines are synonymous with water management all over the world. Truxor is the original. Formed in the Swedish wilderness and with continuous innovation and product development as a foundation.

A Tool for the Environment

With its various tools and accessories, the Truxor machine is perfect for environmental work on different levels. It can fight water vegetation that leads overfertilization, restore wetlands, and maintain nature reserves that benefits birds and other animals. The Truxor is perfect for cleaning up – whether its trash, sludge, or oil.

Moves Seamlessly Between Water and Land

Travel from on job to the next with a regular truck and trailer and drive your Truxor down steep edges down into water. And back up again. Work on land, and in water. In areas where other heavy machines can’t reach. Change tools and accessories to suit the nature of the job.

Four Areas of Use

Cutting, collecting, digging, and dredging. That’s the four main areas of use for the Truxor machines. Our product catalogue contains a wide range of tools to meet the needs of efficient water management. The Truxor machines comes in different models specialized for your needs, and we have smaller tools that can be mounted on boats.


Ready for the Global Market

Truxor Wetland Equipment is a global company with a network of resellers in 45 countries. Our headquarters is in Dorotea, Sweden, with 40 employees in production, development, and management.