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A wide range of amphibious tool carriers, accessories, and tools suitable for lake clearance, and for maintenance of wetlands and other areas of water. That’s just some of the areas of use Truxor Wetland Equipment can offer.


Amphibius tool carriers that are gentle and versatile and available with a wide range of tools to meet your every need.


Doro cutter

Boat mounted cutters in a wide range of sizes and capacities. From smaller with four-stroke engines to larger hydraulic powered.


Tools and accessories

Customize your Truxor with tools for dredging, digging, reed cutting, collecting, oil spill cleaning – the possibilities are almost endless.

Four benefits


Easy to transport in between jobs

Unload & load on smoothly


Tools & accessories for all types of jobs.

Easy to steer & operate – on land, in water.


Reed cutting, clearance, dredging, oil spill cleanup.



Extremely efficient & flexible in different environments

A unique an extensive program for tools & accessories.