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The innovative Truxor with endless possibilities

Truxor Wetland Equipment enables efficient water management globally. The amphibious machines take on tough jobs while being gentle to the surroundings. Perfect for sensitive nature reserves, maintenance in un urban canals and rivers, and for industrial use.

Although the possibilities for applications are endless the Truxor machines really excels in these four areas: cutting, collecting, digging, and dredging. Engineered to navigate various aquatic terrains effortlessly, the Truxor is equipped with an array of tools and accessories designed to excel in each specific application, ensuring optimal performance and unparalleled results.


Effortless cutting of aquatic vegetation

In the realm of aquatic vegetation management, precision is paramount. The Truxors cutting capabilities reign supreme, adeptly slicing through dense vegetation with finesse and accuracy. Whether it's reeds, water lilies, or overgrown aquatic plants, the Truxors cutting attachments effortlessly clear and trim, promoting healthy waterways and restoring natural habitats. The machine’s assortment of cutting tools, from sharp blades to adjustable attachments, ensures tailored solutions for diverse vegetation challenges, providing a meticulous and eco-friendly approach to aquatic vegetation management.

Swiftly gathering with versatile collection attachment

Efficient debris and waste management in water bodies demand a comprehensive solution. Enter the Truxor, equipped with a powerful collecting system that swiftly gathers and removes debris, silt, and floating waste from lakes, ponds, and canals. Its versatile collection attachments efficiently scoop up accumulated debris, enhancing water quality and aesthetics. With customizable options and accessories, the Truxor adapts to varying debris types and sizes, facilitating a seamless cleanup process while preserving the ecosystems delicate balance.

Effective excavation – on water

For projects requiring precision excavation and sediment removal in aquatic environments, the Truxors digging prowess takes center stage. Its specialized digging tools effortlessly penetrate and excavate sediment, facilitating dredging projects, creating channels, and maintaining water flow. The machine’s ability to reach confined areas and its precision control ensures minimal disruption to the surrounding environment while effectively tackling excavation tasks. With adjustable diggers and augers, the Truxor offers versatility and accuracy for diverse digging needs, making it a reliable choice for aquatic maintenance and restoration projects.

Removal of sediment and sludge

When it comes to dredging and pumping operations, the Truxor stands as a game-changer. Its robust dredging and pumping capabilities efficiently remove sediment, sludge, and unwanted materials from water bodies. Equipped with high-performance pumps and suction dredges, the Truxor effectively clears sediment build-up, maintaining water depth and quality. Its ability to navigate shallow waters and intricate areas ensures thorough and precise dredging, while the range of pumping accessories enhances its adaptability for various pumping tasks, making it a dependable solution for maintaining aquatic ecosystems.

Sustainable solutions – unparalleled efficiency

Truxors commitment to excellence extends beyond its machine capabilities, encompassing an extensive range of tools and accessories meticulously crafted to complement and enhance its functionality in each specialized area of use. With the Truxor, aquatic environmental challenges are met with unparalleled efficiency, ensuring sustainable solutions and the preservation of our precious water ecosystems.