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Truxor reed cleanup ahead of Canoe World Cup

Truxor machines a vital part of preparations for the ICF Canoe Marathon World Cup in Bulgaria. The lake Nikolovo needed a cleanup from years of overgrown reed.


When the competitions kick off in June this summer the lake Nikolovo will have gone through a great transformation. The vegetation in the lake has not been cut for nearly 20 years and is both thick and high. Lake Nikolovo is located near the Linpik Forest Park – outside the municipality of Ruse – with the largest linden forests in Bulgaria.




To be able to the extensive work with care, and to be ready for the World Cup, the organizers rented a Truxor T40 and has been trained by Truxor Wetland Equipment’s reseller in Bulgaria, NIKO-Agrotechnika.


“We’ve been an importer of the Truxor amphibious tool carriers since 2016. We sell them and provide service on the machines to our customers. Usually, the machines in Bulgaria are used for jobs in nature reserves”, Miroslava Dimova, manager, and owner of NIKO-Agrotechnika, says.