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Incredible expansion for world leading reed cutting business

Together with his partner and co-founder, Erik Skarfors, Joakim Gillerblad bought a used Truxor amphibious tool carrier.

That was the beginning of what now is Svensk Vassklippning – the world’s largest company specialized in reed cutting and nature conservation. In total they have 14 Truxor and 50 employees.


Svensk Vassklippning – where “Vassklippning” is Swedish for reed cutting – operates from Sala an hour and a half north of Stockholm. During the busy season they work in all of Sweden. Most jobs come from municipalities and the government, but also private foundations and associations.


Svensk Vassklippning has had an incredible expansion since the beginning and the amphibious tool carrier Truxor has been a rolling – and floating – advertisement for the business.


“It fast got evident to us that we would need more Truxor machines. From that point it was an incredible expansion. In the beginning we had one Truxor working on the water, the other were back on land collecting orders. Wherever we came, we got new customers”, says Joakim Gillerblad.


In Sweden reed cutting and other nature conservating actions in aquatic environments is seasonally. From June 15th until around November.


“In springtime the nature is protected, when the birds’ nests and the fish have its spawning season. That means that we work intensively Monday through Sunday during our season, often with focus on reed cutting, but we have tools for pudding, digging and a lot more. Areas close to water where its hard to access by foot, that’s where we do our jobs”.


Svensk Vassklippning has ongoing reviews and upgrades of the Truxor amphibious tool carriers.


“The biggest advantage of the Truxor is the mobility, so easy to transport. We load it on our car transports and bring a trailer for the tools. And it’s a versatile, easy to operate, and smooth”.


“Anyone can drive it after 10 minutes, but to be skilled you of course need to operate it over time. In our company you will always have a team to support you and we almost always have more than one machine at the same place.”