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Truxor complements innovative desludging system


The Swiss company offer unique mobile desludging systems for the restoration of waterways and for industrial sludge treatment. To optimize the system, its connected to a Truxor machine that pumps in water, sludge, sand, and coarse material.


The innovative mobile desludging system is ideally suited for cleaning and desludging canals and waterways in densely populated urban areas. Everything you need fits in four 20 feet containers, that also are stackable. The system separates coarse material like trash and in the second step also sand. The remaining sludge is sedimented and clear water is pumped back to the waterways. In the last stage of the process, water is pressed out of the sludge creating dry “cakes” that are easy to transport and dispose of.



“When using the Truxor and the Truxor Pump we can extract sludge from 600–700 meters away from our machine. We are designing the system and its capacity to suit the Truxor”, says Christian Knuchel, founder of


When collaborating with Truxor Wetland Equipment, can deliver a turnkey solution on a global market.


“The Truxor is a very mobile machine, easy to load on a trailer and transport with a car. It is easy to install into our system to get it up and running fast. The quality is very high with nearly no operational interruptions which is important in the relationships with our customers”, says Christian Knuchel.