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The team behind Water Wizard Aquatic Solution, Cal Closson, Erik Closson, Robert Garside, Mark Gruetzner, Matthew Stamport, Nick Gruetzner. Not pictured: Drew Pierce.

The Truxor Potential – the Foundation for new Water Wizard Aquatic Solutions

“Seeing lakes overrun with weeds made us realize there had to be a better way,” shares Cal Closson, co-founder of Water Wizard Aquatic Solutions. With a background in technology and a passion for the outdoors, Cal and his partners found themselves drawn to a solution that could tackle the challenge head-on.

Water Wizard Aquatic Solutions, a company born from a desire to restore the balance of water ecosystems. The Truxor Amphibious Machine is a vital part and a solution to the pervasive problem of weed overgrowth in lakes and ponds that Cal Closson and his partners has met as avid fishermen.

“We’ve seen it firsthand, lakes and ponds that need significant management, so when we were first introduced to the Truxor machine, we were immediately fascinated, both by the technology and mechanics, but also by the service provided. There’s the obvious interest that nearly everyone has in the uniqueness of the machine, but for us, we’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of bodies of water that need significant weed removal”, Cal Closson, says.

Water Wizard Aquatic Solutions has, during the spring of 2024, just started their operations in the Midwest and the second Truxor Machine will soon thereafter start to operate in the Texas area.

“We believe that precision dredging will become a serious part of our work in the Midwest because of a shorter “growing season” for weeds. I also predict that we will have a least one more, if not two more Truxor machines. We have the operators that are part of our ownership team who are ready to step up.”

Cal Closson has high hopes for the future.

“In Central Texas we’ll probably concentrate on private lakes and tanks (ponds), with the possibility of some county and state work. In Missouri, because we are more metropolitan, we believe there is a broader possibility of both dredging and weed removal for private, municipal, county, golf course, waste management and housing development possibilities.”