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Pond vegetation removal without chemicals

According to Dustin Brown, a business owner in the pond management industry, "the Truxor T50 is the best amphibious tool carrier on the market for removing vegetation from ponds without the use of chemicals."


Dustin Brown operates out of Louisiana, but with the mobility of the Truxor his company Pristine Pond Solutions are taking on jobs in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama. He invested in his first Truxor T50 in September 2021 and got his second one six months later. Since then, his business, focused on vegetation removal without chemicals, has thrived.




– We offer a better alternative for private pond owners and commercial customers who are looking for an efficient and environmentally friendly solution to removing vegetation. Even though that’s our focus we also take on dredging and other similar jobs, says Brown.


Brown says that the lightweight and easy transport of the Truxor machines make them an ideal choice for businesses operating over large geographic areas.


– All we need is an equipment trailer and there is no need for any special permit.


He also highlights the Truxor's ability to be launched anywhere and driven right into the water and back up the bank again.


– People seeing us operate the Truxor have rarely seen anything like it, we get a lot of questions. It’s kind of a niche market and here people mostly know about chemicals for vegetation removal. I would say that chemical companies are our biggest competitors.




Although Pristine Pond Solutions main customers are private pond owners, there can be extensive works. One job on a 300-acre cattle farm with 7 connected ponds was especially memorable.


– The owner’s grandmother had a water hyacinth plant in the kitchen that she had grew tired of. She took the plant outside and threw it in one of the ponds, which in time lead to all seven ponds to be 100 percent covered. It looked like you could walk on the ponds, that’s how overgrown it was, says Brown.


– The ponds were big, so we spent three weeks on the farm, ten hours a day, with two Truxor machines to get it all out. A drastic change, to say the least. Now six months later it still looks beautiful with the owner following up with maintenance.