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Pile driver DM 350 T-series


Pile driver DM 350 is a mast with a winch system for lifting and mounting plastic, wooden and metal piles and poles. It is equipped with a Hycon hydraulic hammer which is used in combination with the Pile driver DM 350 and generates very powerful vibrations, resulting in effective piling in water.

The Pile Driver DM 350 is mounted onto the frame bracket of the lifting arm. The X + Y movement is controlled from the operator’s seat. The hydraulic hammer is attached to the winch using the bracket for piles or poles. Delivered complete with a winch. Hycon hydraulic hammer is not included.

Technical specifications

Length: 4,5 m
Weight: 63 kg
X movement: max 1200 mm
Y movement: max 1200 mm
Lifting capacity: max 130 kg
Max pole/pile length: 3 m