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Dorocutter 3070 and 3071

Doro cutter 3070/3071 is our largest reed cutter for motor boats. The hydraulical driving gives a reliable drift. The machine is suitable for the larger jobs. An engine on the high side of 6 hp is delivering power to the cutting unit. The Dorocutter 3070/3071 is delivered complete with frames, winch, hydraulic unit (Hyddo 200) and cutting unit with a working widht of 3 metres. The knifes are changeable with alternative workingwidths, 2 and 4 metres. The rock releaser is springing. The construction allows the knife to move sideway and backward. The Dorocutter 3071 has the same specifications except for extended working depth.

Knife kits
Working width 2 m Item. no 95-90020
Working width 4 m Item. no 95-90040

NOTE: The reed rake in the front is not included, please see item number 96-12000.

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Technical specifications

Working width: 3 m (with included standard knives)
Cutting depth: 0,8 m (3070) 1,2 m (3071)
Engine: Hydraulic unit Hyddo 200,B&S 6 hk, 4-stroke
Driving: Hydraulic unit
Weight: 110 kg incl. hydraulic unit