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Doro Digger T-series


The Doro digger is an excavation aggregate and combined mounting system for other tools. The digging arm is made of high-tensile steel and has built-in brackets for attaching dredge hoses and additional hydraulic tubing.

The Doro digger is designed to maximise the lifting height, digging depth and reach. The digging aggregate has a swing system equipped with hydraulic cylinders that provide solid flywheel capacity. Doro digger is equipped with semi-automatic quick bracket DM X3 for fast tool change.

Technical specifications

The maximum depth and reach have been measured from the water surface.
Maximum excavation depth: 3 m
Maximum lifting height: 2,9 m
Maximum reach (radius): 4 m
Maximum reach (diameter): 8 m
Maximum turning radius: 180°
Maximum depth for outrigger pontoons, stabilisation against the bottom (excavation): 2 m

Excavation aggregate: 232 kg

If the water depth is less than 0.1 m, the outriggers can can be removed. The machine will then be lighter and more flexible for use in wetlands, for example.

Valve package equipped with two-lever system. Semi-automatic quick bracket DM X3. 

Complete for mounting on T-serie machines. Excluding outrigger pontoons and buckets.


Doro digger cannot be used at the same time as propeller (91-104200).