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Endless Possibilities with Truxor 

The Truxor machines stands as a paragon of efficiency and adaptability across a spectrum of tasks in water bodies and the surrounding environments. Discover the areas of use of the Truxor with its tools and accessories.

Truxor's areas of use

Jonas Larsson


“We've had a very good collaboration, and I've been involved in product development to optimize the blades. I'm on the sixth machine now, and I'm very satisfied. The T50 machine has the right power for me, and I never have to worry about the terrain – whether it's mud, water, or marshland.”

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About Truxor Wetland Equipment

Our foundation lays on innovation and product development in close collaboration with our customers and resellers. It means that we can bring the best products to the market. Amphibious tool carriers developed for efficiency and for areas and terrains difficult to access. 

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Wetland Equipment - The original

 With a delivery to over 65 countries in the world, we are confident that our wetland equipment can face challenges that the world demands. It's a great honor to see so many success stories, projects and preservations coming to life. All because of one machine and the equipment made for wetland. 

An amphibious machine

The Truxor is a special machine and you almost have to see it to understand because just saying amphibious machine is not giving it fully justice! In technical terms it is an amphibious machine, but it's so much more capable with a variety of tools that can be attached and do the work of many.  

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