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Truxor – working with nature

The nature is wild, grand, and vigorous. At the same time, it’s a place where you can catch your breath and find peace. Truxor’s origin lies in the Swedish wilderness, but at the same time we feel at home in the urban parts of the world.


To be able to move from one to the other.

To do it with care and with upheld efficiency.

To take on the world without letting go of our roots.


That’s where you’ll find Truxor Wetland Equipment.


We’ve reached a position where we are industry leader and we’ve done it by being responsive of the market needs. As well as listening to the nature. From our perspective that’s ha magical combination.


Our amphibious machines are easy to operate and will navigate gently but can at the same time perform tough and demanding jobs in inaccessible surroundings. The best part? A better world. By keeping away water vegetation overfertilization can be reduced and the use of toxic chemicals will go down. The Truxor machines are being used for oil sanitation and for clearing out canals, which reduces the risk of flooding in citys. Just to mention a few examples.


With that knowledge it’s easy to find motivation for new innovations and further progress. 30 years ago, everything started with a reed cutter and a vision of continuously development. That vision is still present. We haven’t seen the end of possible areas of use and applications.  


Where others see boundaries, that’s where you’ll find Truxor Wetland Equipment.